Growth hormone (somatotropin) effect on the body, use in sports, price

Growth hormone (somatotropin): effect on the body, use in sports, price

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What is growth hormone and what other names does it have? Why is somatropin used in sports, what are the contraindications and how to take it.

The content of the hormone in 1 injection should not be higher than 30 IU. But this factor depends on the purpose of the reception and the individual characteristics of the organism..

After sports injuries, the recommended dose of the hormone is 2 to 4 IU urolesan with prostatitis opinion instructions when taken once every two days.

With overweight associated with metabolic disorders, endocrinologists prescribe an individual dose: depending on the patient’s body weight, it varies from 4 to 10 IU.

For sports purposes, if the task is to maximize muscle mass, you need to inject from 10 to 30 IU.

Growth hormone injections are given every other day, otherwise there is a risk of hormone overdose. It is advisable to divide the daily rate into several doses with an interval of 4 hours. Thus, the body will perceive growth hormone as naturally produced, and it is easier to absorb it..

Contraindications to admission and side effects When using growth hormone to build muscle mass, you may experience painful sensations from the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a feeling of aches in the joints. In order to avoid these unpleasant symptoms, you should start taking the hormone with small doses, gradually bringing them to the required amount..

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Taking somatotropin is not recommended for persons under 20 years old, this is possible only after medical ciprofloxacin with prostatitis review antibiotic advice and with regular supervision.

Due to the fact that the hormone provokes tissue growth, it is categorically contraindicated in people with tumor neoplasms. Therefore, before using somatotropin, experts strongly recommend taking a test for tumor markers and excluding the presence of tumors in the body..

Rules for taking the hormone In order to gain muscle mass, get an ideal body relief or reduce the manifestations of age-related changes in the body with the help of somatotropin, you need to follow simple rules:

The 5 IU injection is started on an empty stomach daily about 30 minutes before a meal 4 chlorodehydromethyltestosterone..

After 10-14 days, the dose is increased to 10 IU, divided into two doses: one morning (60 minutes before meals) and one lunch (30 minutes before meals). Recommended to inject 1 or 2 hours before training.

You should not continue legal 5 ways to look proviron info as proviron 25mg the course for more than 6 months. The minimum period of hormone intake is 3 months. A shorter duration of injections will not give the desired result, and an excessively long intake leads to an addiction of the body or even to serious complications.

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Growth hormone suppresses the function of the thyroid gland, which reduces the production of essential hormones. To prevent disturbances in its work, it is necessary to take special drugs, for example, Thyroxin.

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Somatotorpin increases the concentration of sugar in the blood, therefore, the measurement of its content should be monitored. People with diabetes are advised to add units to the usual dose of insulin, but this must be done strictly under the supervision buy protect your methandienone info with these of a doctor..

These admission rules are designed for two or three visits to the gym, subject to intense training and regular loads..

To build muscle, athletes use additional anabolic steroids, for example, Tesosterone enanthate, Boldenone, Sustanon.

Supplements Anavar and Winstrol in the amount of 30 mg daily, working in conjunction with growth hormone, help to burn fat and shape muscle definition..

In order to dry out the fatty layer, athletes inject thyroxin. Three injections a day with a total volume of no more than 200 mcg must be completed before 18.00. It is not recommended to increase the daily intake of the drug, and the intake itself should begin with a minimum volume, for example, 15 mcg per dose, gradually bring this figure to the desired indicator.

Training rules for hormone intake Athletes taking hormones should remember the rules for effective training:

Alternating loads on different muscle groups. To build muscle mass and improve the efficiency of training, all muscles must be divided into 3 groups. During each individual workout, you only need to load 1 muscle group.

The optimal training time is 1 to 2 hours. All exercises are repeated in 8 approaches, the complex itself must be repeated at least 3 times.

Before starting a workout, you need to stretch your muscles and prepare them for the upcoming stress. Growth hormone leads to an increase in muscle mass, creates an additional load on joints that cannot keep up with it and other elements of the musculoskeletal system, which can cause injury.

The intensity of the loads should be symptoms of bacterial prostatitis main increased from training to training so that the muscles receive an appropriate development impulse.

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After completing the course of taking the hormone, it is necessary to smoothly reduce the strength of the load and the intensity of the exercises by about a third of the achieved result, in order not to destroy the muscle tissue. And then gradually bring it to the usual level, which was before taking growth hormone.

Instructions for use You can easily buy the hormone at any pharmacy. For the introduction you will need: an ampoule, a container with powder, a syringe, alcohol wipes, with which all devices are carefully processed, as well as the puncture site.

Next, using a syringe, liquid is drawn from the ampoule, through the rubberized lid it is introduced into the container with the powder, the resulting mixture is mixed by gently shaking the bottle. Somatotropin is injected into the area near the navel, but introduction into the upper or lower extremities is also allowed.

List of preparations containing growth hormone and their price Name Concentration Price Jintropin4 ME3500 Omnitrope (for injection) 6.7 mg / ml, 30 ME4650 Rastan (cartridge) 15 ME11450 Genotropin (solution for injection, cartridge) 5.3 mg / 16 ME4450 Seisen 8 mg / 3 ml 8100