How to increase testosterone in men naturally

How to increase testosterone in men naturally increase testosterone

How to Boost Testosterone in Men: Natural Ways

Testosterone is an essential male hormone that plays a key role in building strength and mass. The effectiveness of training, as well as their final effect, depends on its amount in the body. How can you increase the level of testosterone in the blood? The simplest way is anabolic steroids. However, it is also the most dangerous. We are interested in increasing the production of testosterone without taking special drugs. Let’s look at 10 main ways.

Eat Healthy Unsaturated Fats

Healthy fats have been scientifically proven to increase blood testosterone levels. In addition, moderate consumption of animal fats also has a positive effect prostatitis sbiten buy honey in a pharmacy make it on the synthesis of this hormone, since they act as raw materials for its production..

List of healthy fats:

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– bananas, salmon, flaxseed oil, peanut butter

– nuts, milk, olive oil

– egg yolks.

Consume more zinc

The beneficial properties of zinc were discovered relatively recently, but their effect on the athlete’s body turned out to be really important. It has been shown that zinc prevents testosterone from converting to estrogen. In addition, it stimulates the conversion of estrogen to testosterone. This suggests that zinc plays a critical role in maintaining high testosterone levels in the blood. Along with food additives, there are also foods rich in this substance: rice, cheese, turkey meat, and so on..

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Control your sleep time

It is scientifically proven that athletes who get enough sleep at night have much higher testosterone levels than those who do not get enough sleep. You need to sleep at least 6-8 hours. Poor sleep lowers testosterone levels by 40%.

Take vitamin C

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Along with strengthening the immune system, this vitamin, like zinc, inhibits the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. You should not buy vitamin C separately, it is better to immediately buy a multivitamin complex, which, in addition to vitamin C, contains other important trace elements..

How to increase testosterone in men naturally enough sleep

Give it your all in training

Heavy basic training significantly increases the secretion of testosterone in the body. Exercises like the bench press, squat, and deadlift are the best in the business. Maintain regular, correct training.

Stop drinking alcohol

Everyone knows about the dangers of alcohol for the athlete’s body. In addition to the negative effect on internal organs, it also contains estrogen, which further suppresses its proscalpin reviews own testosterone. In addition, alcohol flushes zinc out of the body. Therefore, make a choice in advance: either go in for sports or drink alcohol. These things are incompatible.

Don enanthate for sale‘t eat grapefruit

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Recent scientific studies have shown that grapefruit fruit causes the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Oddly enough, but a similar property is also inherent in alcohol. Therefore, it is better to refuse these fruits..

Take vitamins A, B, E

These vitamins also aid in the production of testosterone in the athlete’s body. A well-balanced diet will help maintain their levels, but a multivitamin complex will also help..

Burn excess fat

Fat promotes the secretion of estrogen. That is why men with a “beer belly” have feminine features (wide pelvis, narrow shoulders, breast augmentation). If your mass is 30% more than ideal weight, you can forget about normal testosterone production.

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Include more vegetables in your diet

Be sure to eat as many vegetables as possible. Cabbage, broccoli, and radishes buy deca online can help lower estrogen levels. A lowered level will allow testosterone to be released in large quantities..

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